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Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede Invitrack (1)_adj.jpg

Alfa Licht Gent for Vandenbouhede Chocolaterie, Belgium

Beautiful luminaire design with quality light improves greatly the customer experience, which is very important to any high-end retail or venue

In high-end retail aesthetics and quality of light are key


Beautiful luminaire design with quality light improves greatly the customer experience, which is very important to any high-end retail or venue. 


Exterus creates made-to-measure solutions for architects and lighting designers, and each project demands state-of-the-art LED technologies. 

In retail fashion, light must not distort the colors. The High-End Fashion shop does not want that white blouse to look yellowish. That will often be the case with bright lights up to 3000K. Jewelry store on the other hand demands bright light, but without creating an ice-cold atmosphere with a bluish light. 


High-End venues and museums have an altogether different approach to lighting systems. The venues want to create a different atmosphere at different times of the event. And at times they both want to dim down the lights to a minimum either to create that perfect romantic atmosphere for a wedding or to preserve priceless art.   


As a business owner, the main goal when choosing a lighting system is to make sales. Showing the products as they are or creating that perfect atmosphere. Changing the lighting system is a big investment for clients, and they want to get it right the first time. 


With the use of InviTrack, Exterus can improve the entire experience and atmosphere in any shop, museum, or venue.



InviTrack completely transforms design


“Design is completely different with InviTrack,” says Juri Vannieuwenborgh, founder and CEO of Exterus. “In the past, we had a big fixture with our heat sink and our driver on. It did not look very nice when putting in tracks with 30 cm. big tubes, especially not in a room with a low ceiling. But with InviTrack we can design a tube of only 9,5 cm and that creates a much more elegant look.” 


With InviTrack the aesthetics of Exterus’ projects are much improved, and there are more benefits from the InviTrack, according to Juri. Aesthetics are important, he says. But the clients also appreciate the quality of light and the reliability they get with InviTrack.  


With InviTrack he can design a fixture with a minimum lifetime of 50.000 hours. In Europe that is a lifetime of 15 years without changes. That is a major cost reduction for his clients.


Juri also highlights the flicker-free light. You cannot see the flicker, but working in a shop day in and day out with flickering lights can be the cause of headaches and severe health issues. 


With the DALI2 version, Exterus created the perfect lighting at a high-end venue. They often host weddings and parties, and at different times of the party, they want lights at the lowest level without any flicker. “With InviTrack DALI we can make a perfect dimming,” says Juri.




Midi Tube_produktbillede.png



  • WATT: -

  • LED LM OUTPUT: 700/1.300 LM.

  • COLOR TEMPERATURE: 2.700K/3.000K/4.000K

  • CRI: UP TO 95

  • FINISH: WHITE AND BLACK            


This elegant and contemporary installation was made possible with the product below. 


InviTrack CC700 - ITC700A DIP BKA


For this project, the following driver features were selected based on customer request:

Non-dim with DipSwitch to easily set the right output

Black colour to match the shop decor

Turn slits to get a fully flushed design

Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede Invitrack (5)_adj.jpg
Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede Invitrack (1)_adj.jpg
Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede Invitrack (3).jpg


Alfa Licht Gent



Vandenbouhede Chocolaterie


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