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With InviTrack the aesthetics of our projects are much improved, and there are more benefits from the InviTrack

Juri Vannieuwenborgh, founder and CEO of Exterus.

Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede Invitrack (6).jpg
In high-end retail aesthetics and quality of light are key 


Beautiful luminaire design with quality light improves greatly the customer experience, which is very important to any high-end retail or venue. 


Exterus creates made-to-measure solutions for architects and lighting designers, and each project demands state-of-the-art LED technologies. 

Redesigning internal lighting for historic buildings is a delicate business.  


Electric lighting is a relatively new component to most heritage interiors. There are several design issues to be considered when planning new or replacing internal lighting schemes in historic buildings. Basis Lighting has specialized in designing lighting for historic buildings.   

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