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Smedeholm 13 A

DK-2730 Herlev



+45 60 630 670


VAT: DK36052651



Nordic Power Converters was founded in 2014 with the vision to make LED lighting healthy and make good design possible. The company was based on our founder and CEO Mickey Madsens technical breakthrough in power converters offering highly miniaturized LED drivers with increased reliability and extended lifetime. 


It all started with his strong scientific mindset and the idea, that by increasing the switching frequency dramatically he could reduce the size of the passive energy storing components.


During his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark, Mickey Madsen received an important number of awards and also managed to collect the necessary funds, that allowed him to bring together a strong team of 6 people. Nordic Power Converters was born.


By the summer of 2015 the team was ready to leave the facilities at the Technical University and moved into the current office space. Since then the team keeps growing, but our focus remains the same: Developing the next generation of drivers that will make good design possible and LED lighting healthier.  


We deliver hassle-free drivers enabling minimalistic high-end luminaire design while providing superior quality of light. 


The drivers are based on NPCs patented VHF technology, which enable operation at up to 1000x higher frequencies, reducing size by 5x and providing increased flexibility in design and form factor. The drivers provide a tightly controlled output with no visible flicker, compliant with both IEEE1789 and PST/SVM, and offer smooth and deep dimming down to 0.1%.


Nordic Power Converters already exports to several European countries including Italy, Germany and Austria just to mention a few. Our HQ is based in the outskirts of Copenhagen, where all the development and commercial activities take place, while the production is handled at different locations in Europe. 

No-compromise design


With invitrack you will be free to realise your true design ideas. InviTrack hides completely in the track while providing the best quality of light on the market.

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