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Eco-friendly & economical solutions with InviTrack DALI

Reducing environmental footprint is on the high rise for corporates, who are constantly seeking new opportunities to leave a green sustainable trail. InviTrack DALI provides eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and energy-saving solutions.

The high end-consumers of today are environmentally conscious of what impact they have on the planet. Seeking eco-friendly solutions which can be applied, helps the company to support the environment and create a long-lasting green profile. Most Companies have a Corporate Responsibility goal in reducing their carbon footprint emissions. InviTrack drivers are built to provide environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and energy-saving solutions.

Retail shops, museums, hotels, and many more have over the years increased the installation of LED lights. And with the advantages of InviTrack they can further reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, not only has the investment of LED-light also been a beneficial solution to save on electricity costs, but InviTrack has proven to redeem further reductions for corporates to save long-term costs on their fixed expenses.

Save energy with InviTrack DALI

Dimming can be a good way to save energy. The InviTrack DALI dimming level is able to supply power without losing its efficiency, this results in luminaires not losing their power supply under the performance and saves energy.

Most lights use a lot of energy in the first few seconds of being turned on this is called inrush. Drivers are known to draw a great amount of current when turning on the luminaires and that is a waste of energy. Choosing drivers which are built to eliminate inrush when turning on the luminaires is taking another effective and healthy step to save energy.

Reliability is important if you want to reduce waste. The high reliability and effectiveness of LED drivers, prove that the energy efficiency of the stores is optimized and therefore minimizing the loss of energy. A wide output voltage range makes it possible to enable multiple uses in luminaires.

Become eco-friendly with InviTrack

Using less raw material is good for the environment. InviTrack drivers have a reduced amount of raw material use compared to other drivers. The miniaturized invisible driver has a 34% reduction in material use, 37% reduction of use on plastic, and 29% reduction in the use of magnetics (includes rare earth materials). This saves energy on producing InviTrack’s drivers and choosing to implement the LED drivers into the track-lights is a great way to support the environment by implementing the groundbreaking LED-driver’s eco-design.

LED lights have become a greener solution to reduce carbon emissions when building or re-designing into greener stores, it also has a positive effect on reaching planet positive goals. One way to become more eco-friendly with InviTrack is saving materials such as cables and wires during the installation process. The retail stores, hotels, and exhibition centers are able to reduce their environmental footprint with InviTrack, due to the InviTrack’s smart technology enables to cut down on material use, as it requires less cable material on the installation of luminaires.

Eliminating excess heat will reduce the waste of energy. LED drivers like InviTrack which can generate more power to light by eliminating excess heat from the driver, are far more environmentally friendly. If your end-consumer is looking to reduce their environmental footprint, a great suggestion would be to look for LED drivers which can produce more energy out to the luminaire.

The InviTrack LED driver will provide better efficiency on power as the excess heat will be turned into energy, therefore an eco-friendly approach.

Become cost-efficient with InviTrack

Increasing the life expectancy of your luminaires will save you money. Due to InviTrack Dali’s high reliability with a lifespan of 50,000 hrs. luminaires are able to run for a longer period. A great way for the end-consumer to save on costs is to avoid damaging costs. By investing in LED drivers with high reliability, retail shops, hotels, exhibition centers, and many more are able to save money and avoid damaging costs.

Another cost-efficient method is to reduce the costs of buying luminaires when designing the space. Seek a high-quality LED driver, which can produce a good light quality with which can perform a fair amount of light, there is no need to install several luminaires with InviTrack LED drivers. Avoid spending a lot of money when buying several additional luminaires to set the right ambient in the room that you wish for, by going with a LED driver which is capable of producing a good light quality with a great amount of lighting, the luminaire the additional cost on and LED-drivers can be saved.

Last, of all, the great benefit which the LED-driver InviTrack is offering is to save money on electricity. The overall performance of the driver and its high frequency means, that it can produce a greater amount of light out to the luminaires, and therefore is able to save more money on electricity bills.


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