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InviTrack is the ideal match for high-end track lights

In the past, luminaire designers had to adjust their design ideas to fit the bulky LED drivers on the track. InviTrack drivers hide entirely in the track. That will allow for new and innovative luminaire designs ideas.

High-end track lights are an important implementation for high-end consumers when designing or re-designing a store. The end-consumers ranging from shop owners of food and beverages to clothing and exhibitions are always looking to improve their light quality, as they want to improve the customer experience and showcase the true aesthetics of their brands.

Producing LED drivers that are able to fit into not only one, but several different track systems and luminaires make it possible for both end-consumers and luminaire designers to implement different types of design luminaires. The end-consumers are able to increase their light performance to a higher quality which results in reaching the vision of a high-end look and becoming more aesthetically pleasing.

Mechanical innovation and better design quality

Luxurious high-end luminaires can fully showcase on the track systems on their own, without worrying about also showcasing lumps on the tracks from the LED converter.

Built-in box and semi-drivers are not as aesthetically pleasing as an invisible LED driver which is completely hidden inside the tracks. The hidden driver can create a more high-end look and aesthetic feel to the room with its minimalistic design for track lights.

InviTrack’s innovative design fits into several different track models with its existing retaining collars, fitting tracks such as Stucchi, Erco & Global to mention a few.

Not only does the invisible track driver fit into the different track models, but the driver also matches the tracks and luminaire designs in three different color variants, white, black, and grey, this enables the driver to become 100% unnoticeable leaving the room with a high-end look.

Another factor that matches a high-end-looking luminaire is its practicality. InviTrack DALI is able to carry luminaires weighing up to 5 kilograms per driver and the heavier built luminaires are able to be mounted onto the driver without any faulty risks for the luminaire.

Last but not least, InviTrack gives high flexibility to track lights. It is easy to adapt luminaires into a specific position even with heavily weighted luminaires. With flexible track lighting it is possible to draw attention to important works of art in a Museum, a specific product in a shop or enhance the architectural design in a room.

InviTrack is designed to rotate the luminaires in the required directions with a 360ᵒ rotation. The luminaires are able to accomplish the full-looking interior decorating with easy positioning lights and the adjustable LED driver helping to provide a better match for high-end luminaires.

Electrical innovation a higher light quality

Reliability, lifetime and the costs involved with exchange and repair of lighting becomes increasingly important to customers. Overheating will cut short the lifetime of any LED driver. InviTrack Dali is able to handle more than 80ᵒC on its plastics before the thermal design of the driver becomes affected, increasing the lifetime and reliability of both InviTrack’s’ LED-driver and luminaires.

Beautiful architecture deserves great light. LED driver’s capability to shine good light into the luxurious space is a must. A good light quality is very important as it helps to uplift and realize the true design ideas of the space.

LED track lights with an outstanding light quality, are the ones that are able to reflect truthful color into the room and onto the objects, revealing the natural colors.

InviTrack is a perfect match for high-end lights as it is made to reflect natural light from the luminaires into space, supporting an authentic light.

Most LED drivers are technologically challenged to dimmish flicker for the luminaires. A higher advanced technology to increase the frequency enables the driver to ultimately minimize the level of flicker. Good light quality is important for luxury brands, with high-end track lights which are able to produce the best light quality on the market, helping the high-end consumer to present their brand in the best way possible.

Being Flicker-free is one of the important factors of producing a good light quality, the health and safety created in the environment is important for the people who are entering the shops. Imposing a flicker-free light will eliminate the desire for the consumer to leave under their shopping experience, as a flicker-free light creates better comfort and experience for both staff and consumers.


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